5 Things No One Tells You Before You Buy a Motorbike

Nothing compares to the feeling of finding the perfect motorbike. As the weather is warming up, more and more people are choosing to ride a motorcycle for the first time. Whilst this is exciting there is a lot of information for new riders to take in.

To help towards keeping everyone safe on the roads, we have compiled together five things no one tells you before buying a motorbike.

1. You need to shop around
Over the years, bikes have become more specialised and tailored to different needs. Because of the proliferation of all these different types of motorcycles, there are a handful of choices that can make the buying experience a little daunting.

Shop around, there is something for everyone and with careful consideration you will find your perfect bike that fits with your skill level. Interacting with different models means you will develop a distinct appreciation for some and a dislike for others, moving you one step closer to making your choice.

2. You’ll realise how important protective clothing is
Helmets are not optional. According to the National Transportation Safety Board helmets reduce the risk of dying in a crash by 37%. This is definitely something to bear in mind when buying your bike – especially if you want to match the colour scheme of your chosen ride.

A solid jacket, boots, gloves and protective trousers are essential to keeping you safe from injury at all times. It also does more than just protect your skin, it will cushion your spine from impacts, while sturdy boots will help towards protecting your ankles from being broken if they get twisted under a bike and offer shin protection. Leather gloves will protect your hands and a reflective vest will make you visible to other road users.

3. You will need to get your hands dirty at some point
You’re not a mechanic and that’s okay because you will never be expected to fix anything major on your bike should it go wrong, but you will be expected to change your own oil, brake fluid, chain and sprockets. By doing so you will save yourself a lot of money. A small bikers toolkit would be handy for you to have and to keep with you at all times after purchasing your bike.

4. You’ll spot bad drivers – lots of bad drivers
Being higher up on the road and with no obstructions means you’ll be able to see what other drivers are doing behind the wheel – and a lot of them aren’t playing by the rules of the road. As a biker, you’ll need to learn to be aware of everyone and everything around you and be prepared for anything.

5. You’ll end up talking to a lot of strangers
Bikes are magnets for conversations with random strangers. When you park it up somewhere expect people to comment on it, ask you questions and tell them about their bikes. The riding community is a friendly one, try and embrace it when you can.

You learn everyday you are out on the roads and these tips are just the beginning. Ride safely but above all, enjoy yourself!

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