4 ways to save in time for Christmas

The memory of Halloween may still be recent and you may think that you have everything perfectly in hand, but of course, Christmas still has a knack for surprising us on the financial front. Whether it’s presents, parties or the turkey that you need to budget for this year, here are four ways to make sure you have a bit more cash to spend as 25th December looms.

  1. Sell your existing stuff for cash

The likelihood is that you’ve got no shortage of presents from last year taking up unwanted floor space in your home, so it surely goes without saying that pocketing a bit of cash from selling them will not only make your home tidier, but also better enable you to fund this year’s purchases.

While eBay or Amazon Marketplace have long been the places online where many people have flogged their old Christmas gifts, Facebook has also become a popular selling portal in recent times, thanks to the zero fees that it charges.

  1. Buy a cheaper turkey

Penny-pinching with your choice of turkey may not exactly seem to be in the festive spirit, but there’s a strong chance that your family and guests will barely notice the difference.

Indeed, Martin Lewis of once held a blind taste-test for nurses at a hospital with the likes of champagne and turkey, and found that most of the time, they either preferred the lower-brand option or couldn’t tell the difference. You might even be tempted to try the site’s ‘Downshift Challenge’ for yourself.

  1. Get involved in matched betting

If you’re still worried about being a bit short of Christmas cash by this stage of the year, you might have to ‘go nuclear’ – well, sign up to a matched betting site like Profit Accumulator.

But what is matched betting? It’s a way of generating cash in a completely risk-free manner through the popular online bookies and their free bet offers. It basically involves betting both for and against a certain event – for example, Manchester United winning and Manchester United not winning a given football match – to cover all of your bases and therefore take the ‘gambling’ aspect out of betting.

With hundreds or even thousands of pounds a month able to be made via matched betting, there’s really no better way of making a lot of cash, in a short space of time – completely legally.

  1. Go shopping with a plan

It’s often the simplest money management practices that people overlook when buying for Christmas. If you just randomly turn up to the Black Friday or Cyber Monday sales and grab whatever looks cheap and relevant, you might end up spending much more than you would have done if everything was at a non-discounted price.

So, make sure you’re methodical about it. Make a list (and check it twice!). Set yourself a budget, perhaps with an additional ‘contingency budget’ in case you spot something that would push you over your standard budget, but which you really can’t ignore. An organised approach will really help you to cut down on those unnecessary expenses this shopping season.

How is your own Christmas budget looking at this stage? What have been your experiences of Christmas saving? Are there any other ways to add to your income that you can recommend? Feel free to make your suggestions below.

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