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4 Clean Eating Summer Diet Plans

Clean eating is certainly popular. It’s a fresh mantra that has made a name for bloggers ‘deliciously’ Ella Woodward and Hemsley sisters – who have been elevated to the top of the food book charts – and has had celebrity backing from the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr.

With so much of a buzz around this, it’s easy to see why you might want to give it a go. But what is clean eating, and what can you do to follow this yourself?

What is clean eating?

In short, clean eating involves consuming only whole or ‘real’ foods and turning your back on anything that is processed. It’s a return, if you like, to taking what nature provides and using that to form the basis of your food and drink. The idea being that these foods are better for us in every sense of the word.

Nutritionist Linda Foster told the Mirror: “Fresh, natural foods tend to be more satisfying and rich in nutrients such as protein and fibre than processed ones. These slow the breakdown of sugar into the bloodstream, keeping you fuller for longer and stopping those hunger pangs that leave you needing to snack.”

How to adopt a clean eating lifestyle

The trick with any diet is in being able to translate it into practical meal plans. You need the diet to fit around your lifestyle and, possibly, as this blog from Fysiqal shows, your fitness regime.

Here are four plans that can set you off in the right direction, taking the concept of clean eating and translating it into something that is relevant for your life…

Shape 7-day challenge: This, as the name suggests, is an effective 7-day introduction to the world of clean eating, with meal plans and snack suggestions to get you up and running. It’s well worth following, especially for the superb ‘pineapple chicken with a twist’ on day seven.

The BuzzFeed Clean Eating Challenge: The BuzzFeed team took a break from listicles and gifs of cats pulling funny faces to deliver a two-week programme alongside nutritionist Dana James. The article contains pictures of each day’s total menu – and many of them certainly look fantastic – as well as links to the details of what you need to do. It’s really comprehensive with plenty of pictures to help with meal preparation. Definitely worth a look.

Pop Sugar’s Two-Week Plan: Not to be outdone, Pop Sugar teamed up with Stephanie Clarke and Willow Jarosh for an equally-comprehensive clean eating plan. There are plenty of treats along the way that prove that clean eating isn’t about denying you the fun stuff.

Skinny Ms 5-day dinner menu: For some people, it’s not so much the snacks that are the issue. Instead it’s those main meals that they worry about – putting the concept to action to make something tasty and filling enough to be the big meal in your day. Luckily, Skinny Ms help with that with these five fantastic clean eating main meals that are well worth bookmarking and coming back to again and again.

If you are serious about changing your diet, you may want to take up the gym, taking some supplements direct may be the perfect supplement for you and your new diet.

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