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10 Tips for Keeping Trim for Summer

With summer coming up, everyone will be thinking about fitting into their warm weather clothing. From swimwear to shorts, summer means exposed flesh, and you’ll want to look in as good shape as possible, so here are 10 tips to get yourself summer ready.

  1. Shake up your exercise routine

Your body can get used to doing the same exercises all the time, so it’s important to try new things regularly. Look for a full body workout that will work those neglected muscles, and ensure you look good from top to toe.

  1. Cut the sugar

Many people are now seeing the benefits of ditching sugar, and it can make a big difference to your body. Not only will you feel more energetic once you’ve detoxed from sugar, it’ll mean you’ll be eating less empty calories.

  1. Consider a boot camp

A great way to get you motivated, start your fitness journey, or help with those last few stubborn pounds. Book a Prestige Boot Camp for yourself, or even as a group with friends, and you’ll get tailored advice on how to reach your summer body goals.

  1. Cook from scratch

Ready meals and processed foods are full of fats and sugars. Committing to cook all meals from scratch can easily help you cut calories.

  1. Start a slimming challenge

Whether it’s among workmates or friends, having other people around you competing to lose weight is very motivating. You could even have a prize for the biggest loser.

  1. Eat early

Eating your larger meals early in the day gives your body more time to burn the calories. Eat a big breakfast, but keep dinner light.

  1. Lift weights

While cardio is great for helping you shed pounds and feel fitter, you’ll also need to do toning exercises to get the perfect summer body. It’s easy to find toning exercises with weights online, and it only takes a few minutes before or after a workout to tone arms, legs, and core.

  1. Juice

Many celebs and A-listers swear by juice. Whether it’s a juice detox, or replacing sugary snacks with juice, there are loads of recipes online to try.

  1. Swap coffee for herbal tea

Coffee itself isn’t fattening, but lattes, frappucinos, and extras such as syrup can throw you off your summer weight loss goals. Switch them for herbal tea or a plain black coffee and slash the calories.

  1. Make a motivation board

Whether it’s pictures of the bikini you want to fit into, or photos of the resort you’ll be going to on holiday, a summer-themed motivation board can help you during weak moments, and give you something to work towards.

The inevitable arrival of summer can be a great motivator when it comes to losing weight and toning up, so use it to get yourself motivated. With just a few changes, you can start to get swimwear ready, and prepare to wear swimwear and shorts with confidence.

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