The 10 Ridiculously Expensive Items in Online Gaming

Online gaming is a developing industry, growing, changing and improving almost every day.

PC, tablet and mobile devices are everywhere, allowing players all around the world, from all different walks of life to access their favourite Pompeii video slot and millions of other games at any time.

Hardware and Software

In the early days of computer developing, hardware equipment was very rare and very expensive. In recent times, software producers have made unbelievable progress in developing complex programs, games and apps. To play his/her favourite game, a player first needs to buy a good quality device to support it, which seems rational. But when it comes to software products it’s a totally different story. Games are often freely available for every player to download and try, and there are others with price labels. Some are cheap, and others enormously expensive. So there is a game and a price for everyone. It means developers need to think of new ways to generate revenue.

Pixel Price

Believe it or not, pixels are now more expensive than any current game. Want to have a character with a favourite team logo on it? No problem, just pay. This seems fairly normal in the modern world because many people are willing to pay to look better, run faster and develop quicker, even when some items actually don’t change anything except for pixels on a screen. Here are 10 examples of some of the most expensive items ever sold in a world of gaming:

  1. Runescape Hat – The Blue Party Hat is an item that can be found in a Runescape MMORPG game. It’s a special edition item that is very rare to find for free. This hat actually does nothing at all. It is a hat, it is blue and it costs $1,680 (in gold value). And this is real money. Want to have a blue hat? No problem, just pay $1,680 and you will be the main attraction.
  2. Diablo 3 Weapon – There is not a single person among gamers who doesn’t know this game trilogy. Players need to choose a character and fight using many different weapons to complete worlds and levels. As the game goes on, a player needs a stronger set of gear to be able to beat the opponents. Most of the equipment can be found by killing creatures, but there is an easier way; just buy what you need. The absolute record holder in this game (most expensive weapon item) is a “Manticore Crossbow”. If a gamer wants to walk around with a high-end weapon like this, he/she needs to be very lucky. It is worth $3,500 in gold.
  3. World of Warcraft Character – Everyone knows the World of Warcraft. It is a character based PvP game with real time world. One gamer actually managed to sell a character for a $9,000. It was a level 70 Night Elf character with full rare equipment.
  4. Eve Online battle game has a PLEX system for transferring ISK to real money and a record holder is the Revenant Super Carrier Battleship which was valued $9,000. Only 2 of these types of ships showed up in this online game. This was a very rare item, and that was the main reason way it was valued so high among players.
  5. Diablo 3 Loot – The Diablo 3 found its way again on a list of ridiculously paid items. The Echoing Fury Mace loot was sold for $250 at the beginning and then it started to circle among player until it was back again for sale. This was a legendary weapon set which became very popular and the final price was $14,000.
  6. Age of Wulin weapon – the Age of Wulin Sword was one of the most expensive items sold at an auction which was held in 2001. This sword was bought for $16,000. This weapon was called the “Dragon Slaying Sabre”. Why was it this expensive? The main reason was that this item can be held just by one player in the whole game.
  7. Dota 2 Pink Dogs – One of the most famous 5v5 PvP game, the Dota 2 has a special feature called the “Courier”. This actually does just that, it transfers the item to you. It is available for all players in-game. But the Ethereal Flames Pink Dogs courier was sold for $38,000. This special courier was paid this much because it was pink, and that’s about it. Would you pay that much for a pink visual effect?
  8. Second Life – The Amsterdam city was actually sold on eBay for $50,000. Players can see all the interesting feature of this famous European town (concerts, squares, gardens, etc.) but let’s be honest, most of the players bought this city so that they can visit sex shops.
  9. Crystal Palace – This online game has a unique feature where gamers can actually exchange items in a real life currency. Because of this, some players played this game as it was their real full paid job so it’s no wonder that the “Crystal Palace” was sold for $330,000.
  10. Entropia Universe – The final and the most expensive item ever sold online in a world of gaming was the “Club Neverdie” in the Entropia Universe. This is actually an asteroid which was held by a single player who managed to sell it separately, piece by piece for the unbelievable price of $635,000. For that cash amount, you can probably buy a real asteroid.


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