mixposed 2-2

Mixposed #2: WheresNorth? at Yellow Arch Studios

“…the WheresNorth? sound is very much a mixing pot of old-skool breakbeat influences with present-day bass, bassline, techno, jungle and garage…”

Our new mix series – showcasing the hottest DJs and producers from all corners of dance music filmed live at our favourite Steel City venues – continues with WheresNorth, a high energy breaks and bass act with releases on In:flux and Pack London. Phil Wrighton’s shows often incorporate live musicians and MCs into his regular DJ sets, and has become a mainstay at festivals like Beatherder, Tramlines, and across Sheffield. WheresNorth? stepped up to record their set down at Sheffield institution of all things left-field and fun, Yellow Arch Studios, on the day of their final Dusk ’til Dawn party. Take it away, WheresNorth? !

How would you describe the WheresNorth? sound?
The WheresNorth? sound is very much a mixing pot of old skool breakbeat influences with present-day bass, bassline, techno, jungle and garage. I’ve always been more of a mashup DJ and that’s kind of reflected no matter what genres of music I’m DJing with, so the sort of music I’m influenced by varies.

We’re excited to have you feature in only our second ever Mixposed at one of our favourite venues – and on the day of the last ever Dusk ’til Dawn! How come you’re bringing things to a close with DTD? It’ll be missed.
Thanks a lot. Well, if I’m honest, it’s been a lot to deal with on my own for the best part of four years now. Promoting can feel like an addiction once you’ve set yourself up. It takes a lot of your mental and physical energy, plus just as much, if not more, of your time and for very little financial reward. Still, it’s been one of the best things I’ve ever done and I wouldn’t change it. But personally, I need a shake-up, to focus my time on myself and move onto new and better things… hopefully!

Who are the MCs?
Sheff city favourites, MC Campbell and CRAF-T.

Is it all music you’ve produced?
There’s a few originals of mine in there, a few edits of mine and the rest are from labels and artists that I think share our sound…or do it better haha. In this set there is tracks from the likes of Sheffield’s Future Wildstyle, Denham Audio, Sly-One, Evil Nine & Nixon.

Could you tell us about the lineup for your Mixposed set?
Our sets incorporate DJing with live musicians, vocalists and other electronic equipment. For this one we have Omith Mukherjee on electric guitar, FX, backing vocals and theremin; Jeremy Godwin on saxophone and percussion and two guest MCs CRAF-T and MC Campbell. We’ve been doing this for about five years, played a ton of gigs and festivals, which is funny because we’ve never really approached anyone for a gig, so that’s lovely. We play one and end up playing more… I guess that means people like it!

Finally, what’s 2019 got in store for WheresNorth?
Getting back to making more music is top of the list! Then I’d like to collaborate with more artists and play as many gigs as possible. I’ve got a few festivals locked in already but can’t say much else about that, and as always, you can catch me DJing in Sheffield way too often!

Catch the full mix online here.


Evil Nine – Broken Dreams
WheresNorth? – Time Of The Night ft CRAF-T
Sly One – Check Me Out
WheresNorth? – 12 Years
WheresNorth? – LSTN THIS
Crawford – Life
Juan Quay – Bubblin
Denham Audio & Borai – Triple Drop & Lose Your Shoes
WheresNorth? – Bring The Fiya
WheresNorth? – Fearless
Nixon – Subculture ft MC GQ
Gav Ley – The Day We Died
Future Wildstyle – Started Again
SBB – Licence
Sushi – Dig This (WheresNorth? Live Dub)
Jamie XX – Gosh (Left/Right Remix)
Colombo – Bluish
Sunsha – Pull Up
WheresNorth? – Reverse
Riddim Tuffa – Push Things Forward (WheresNorth? Live Dub)
WheresNorth? – Danger Man

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