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Muzik say farewell after 3 years: we speak to the founders

After 3 years at the top of the dance music scene in Sheffield Muzik are pulling the plug on their club-night which has seen some of the biggest names in house to the city. With the costs of doing so rising dramatically every year, it’s becoming harder and harder for promoters like Muzik to pull off the line ups they want to. We spoke to founder and one half of L&F Projekt and Muzik, Lee Freeman to find out why Muzik miss the music.

Hey guys! First and foremost, we know all good things have to come to an end and all that… but why?! We’re gonna miss you!
I guess the main reason it’s time for Muzik to come to end is because it no longer feels about the music.

What exactly do you mean?
Well the level of demand agents are requesting in terms of costs is quite simply so out of hand that it’s making it impossible to put on the type of show and line ups that we want to deliver. That’s what Muzik has become used to. They are making it financially impossible to put more than one headliner on and we were never about that, it’s never been about the money, hence us always adding artists to sold out shows when we could, who else does that? We want to go back to basics and try something different and fresh. Something that’s purely about the music. Watch this space.Are you talking about the clichéd stuff like limos and pent-house hotel rooms?
Yeah, to be honest! Not with all of the artists that we’ve been blessed to work with. There’s so many humble artists but the costs and demands of putting an event on these days – ranging from never ending arguments about billing and artwork approval to hotels, cars, riders and travel to licensing and technical requirements and everything in between – make it more of a never ending admin trail than just about having fun and putting a rave on. Like I said, in the past it was always about the music not the money, and this is just changing too much for me.

I hear that. But what you’ve done for the city’s been great, you’ve booked some absolutely huge names, from Seth Troxler to Alan Fitzpatrick. What will be your fondest memories of Muzik?
The very first massive two room event at Code with Skream, Eats Everything, Solardo and Detlef will always be special. Then there’s the Loco Dice and Seth parties, which purely because of the prestige level of bookings gave us a bit of a kudos angle. It’s really put the city back on the map for those level of artists, someone like Troxler or Dice coming to Sheffield was unheard of, people actually said we couldn’t do it, we did and take great pride in that.Who are you looking to now to keep the deep house scene going in Sheffield?
Tank are smashing it with their lineups, it’s so consistent. We hear nothing but good things about the venue. Hope Works is booking some insanely credible line ups and is certainly the number one underground venue, The Harley also draw some insane names for their size too. Sheffield as a whole is producing a lot of great events and talent as always, all the best to all of them.

So what does back to basics mean for you?
We’re gonna do small capacity secret parties in new and exciting venues and unique spaces, by invite only. Letting people know by text and getting off the whole social media game. It’s gonna be about showcasing new talent rather than a headliner, and the music will always come first.

What’s next for L&F Projekt?
I’m finally getting back in the studio after having a baby – we’ve got two tracks out soon on Dazed and Confused and 64K recordings and gigs at Snowbombing, Hideout and in Hull, Manchester and Barnsley coming up as well as playing before Eats Everything and Hot Since 82 the last to Muzik shows,

What’s the goal with that?
To stay original and making good music. We just love DJing and making music and as long as people keep listening and coming to see us we’ll continue.

Best of luck to you!
Cheers Exposed!

Muzik hit Code for the last two times ever on  Eats Everything  and on  Muzik with Hot Since 82 & Love to be with Allister Whitehead and many more.

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