In The Blink of an Eye: A Celebration of Disco Gecko

If the quite frankly crowded, but never-the-less amazing, world of modern electronic music seems a little baffling, then this album is for you. Toby Marks set up the Disco Gecko label in 1998, to promote and release his own electronic based sounds and the music he loved. 20 years on, this compilation shows what a vision he had, and just what his eclectic and forward-thinking view of music is all about.

What he has cleverly done is to ask all of the artists on the Disco Gecko label to mix and collaborate with each other, to create these 11 tracks. If ever an album leaves you wanting more, this is it. Down-tempo grooves, experimental electronics, ambient and ethereal textures all come together to tease you into wanting more. There are some astonishing tracks of diverse, absorbing, and sometimes challenging but always beautiful music.

If I had to pick a favourite, and that choice has certainly shifted the more I’ve listened, I’d go for the Banco de Gaia track ‘Glove Puppet’ with vocals by Sophie Barker, who knows her way around this world from her days fronting Zero 7. Elsewhere there’s a remix from our very own ambient dub masters, Animat. They’ve been ploughing their ambient dubstep based furrow for over 10 years now, with movie re-scores, numerous performances, and fascinating projects in that time.

There’s no more receptive audience for pioneering electronic music than here in Sheffield. If you think modern music is in a rut and doesn’t push boundaries or take chances any more, get to know Disco Gecko – you’ll soon be licking your own eyeballs with excitement.

In the Blink of an Eye is set to be released on 6/6/18

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