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Fresh as a daisy

The latest drinking venture in Sheffield, Daisy’s Bar, could prove to be one of the most unique and essential drinking spots in the city.

Situated above The Great Gatsby on Division Street, the venue will be a table-service cocktail bar featuring a range of exclusive drinks wherein a waiter will take your order whilst another bartender takes care of the muddling, chopping, mixing, straining and garnishing. Proper fancy, like.

Manager Brad Price said: “We’ve always had a passion for cocktails in The Great Gatsby but being in a busy bar environment puts limitations on how creative you can be. Daisy’s is our opportunity to really experiment and push ourselves. Some of our favourite bars in cities like London and New York are sit-down, table service cocktail bars.”

Labelled as ‘the calm above the storm’, Daisy’s will be open from 8pm until 3am on Fridays and Saturdays and tables can be reserved online. Once suitably chillaxed, customers are more than welcome to join the throng of merrymakers downstairs for some late night revelry.


Photo: India Hobson

The room is decked out with a luminous cream paint job, luscious seating arrangements and a set of cupboards adorned with flowers, books and other ornaments. The bar itself is also something to behold, with its set of unique cocktail making implements, vintage looking refrigerator and array of premium spirits on display.

Brad added: “People will be able to taste some really delicious, interesting cocktails in a relaxed space, hidden away in the centre of town without the worry of the craziness of Friday’s and Saturday on Division Street.”

Aptly named after F. Scott Fitzgerald’s character Jay Gatsby’s love interest, Daisy’s offers a slice of laid-back indulgence within the recently refurbed confines of one of Sheff’s most popular late night hangouts.

The upstairs space was previously used as a music venue and for-hire space and played host to bands such as Royal Blood, Drenge and Peace.

For more information or to book a table visit www.thegatsbybar.co.uk.

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