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CC:Disco has gone from Melbourne legend to worldwide touring DJ since the release of her first compilation, First Light, which she is now touring across Europe. The Aussie’s radio show ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ and night ‘Club Coco’ have seen her go from strength to strength as both a radio and stage DJ and we’re excited to have her on the Tuesday Club stage alongside fellow Aussie, Mall Grab on March 20th. Exposed caught up with her before the date to talk tracks and taglines.

Hey CC Disco! We’re excited for your set at the upcoming Tuesday Club with the one and only Mall Grab, is this going to be your first time in the Steel City?
Yes I’m excited too, especially to see how people party on a Tuesday haha. Yes this is my first time indeed.

What sounds can we expect to hear from you on Tuesday?
The full CC selection will be on offer for the night so expect, boogie, disco, house, who knows where it could go really.

Mall Grab really is flying the flag right now for Oz, are you two pals?
He sure is, it’s amazing to see his journey! We can’t actually be in the same room together…Nah we defo mates. He’s a legend!

You started out on radio with your show ‘Smoke and Mirrors’ – which has taken the musical reins in Melbourne. You’ve had some amazing guests on your show from Horse Meat Disco to Shanti Celeste, can you tell us more about your love for the airwaves?
Yes, Radio is what got me all into this dance music world, I have had so many guests on show over the last 7 years especially. Radio is such a great medium, you can actually connect with people like no other platform. I think it’s still as important as ever. You get to really see other sides of artists in a fun and environment, it will always be my one true love.

You’ve graduated onto touring and becoming a main-stage festival act, how does radio compare to the stage?
Suuuuuper different, both are amazing and can’t really compare the two. The two places that I’m the happiest I’ll ever be in life is sitting in radio studio doing my show or dancing around while DJing. Amazing feelings, nothing can ever compare to either!

We’re loving your 12 track release ‘First Light’, featuring 12 unreleased tracks from emerging Antipodean artists, can you tell us a bit about it and its production?
Thank you so much. I’ve always wanted to put a comp out and finally it’s done. This one has been great because I love to push Australian and NZ artists, I think we have such a great scene that I’d love to see the rest of world catch on to as well.

Do you have a personal favourite track from the release?
Mmm, being all so different and varied it’s hard to pick one, but one I have amazing memories of is ‘Babylonia’ by Tom Baker and River Yarra, because I played it in a set to 13,000 people and it was mind blowing… then fast forward 1.5 years later, releasing it to the world was a great feeling.

Your ‘First Light’ tour has taken you across through Australia to Europe, what have been the stand-out moments so far?
Every single Australian show was perfect, best crowds, best vibes. I’ve just done London and Paris this weekend and put it this way, it’s been hard to peel me off the dance floor. Paris last night was such a great gig, I got to bed 7 and I couldn’t stop dancing to DJs after me (Turntablism). Then there was London which was just wild, Horse Meat Disco, Artwork and myself at XOYO was A+.

How how have the music scenes compared over the world?
It really depends on the party, I feel that what makes a good night is the crowd and venue – and that could be anywhere in the world. I’ve played some amazing parties around world including Toronto, Istanbul, London, but nothing beats playing festivals in the bush, it’s one of the greatest places in the world to party. We might be far away but we do festivals SO well. We loved your Sugar Mountain Boiler Room set! ‘Less chin stroking, more dancing’ on the tee you wore has become a bit of a tagline for you, is that something you’re fighting against?
*Laughs*… It was just a joke and now it’s defo’ become a thing. Mainly because I knew I was going to be trolled so was like let’s troll back with that tee.  All it means is that it’s ABOUT THE MUSIC not rare records or bullshit negative trolling culture. Music is for dancing right?!

What’s lined up next for you after the tour and a summer on the festival circuit?
Well the great news is I’m coming back for a lot of festivals and more club shows July – Sep, which is a dream come true really. I never thought I’d be playing around the world let alone a full-time DJ ha. So I’ll back for summmmmmer woo.

Thanks for having a chat with us, it’s been a pleasure! See you on Tuesday
Pleasure is all mine – cannot wait for Tuesday!

CC:Disco plays the Tuesday Club this Tuesday March 20th with fellow Aussie, Mall Grab. Tickets are sold out. You can get tickets for Tuesday Club’s David Rodigan 40th Anniversary Tour this Friday here.

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