Your Year Ahead: Heart of the City II

Progress on Sheffield’s £470m Heart of the City development scheme is forging ahead as a deal was last month agreed between Sheffield City Council and John Lewis and Partners following their decision to permanently close the Barker’s Pool store.

The site will play a central role in the development of the city centre, with public consultation on future uses set for the New Year. Overall, the scheme is now 40% finished and expected to be fully completed in 2023. Here are a few updates on what’s been going on…

Cambridge Street Collective and Leah’s Yard

Computer generated image of Leah's Yard

CGI of Leah’s Yard

Cambridge Street Collective will be run by The Milestone Group, who will deliver an exciting food hall and fine-dining venue, and Leah’s Yard will be run by Tom Wolfenden, who manages Sheffield Technology Park, and James O’Hara of the Rockingham Group.

Plans for Leah’s Yard, which will see the creation of a local hub for creative businesses and independent retailers, were approved last month with support from Historic England. Both Leah’s Yard and Cambridge Street Collective will open in 2023.

Radisson Blu and the Gaumont

site of new city-centre hotel on Pinstone Street

Radisson Blu hotel CGI

Construction on the new Radisson Blu hotel with rooftop bar continues at pace, with completion of the works expected in Summer 2023.
Alongside the hotel, preliminary work has also begun to revitalise the Gaumont Building, which is set to become a new leisure destination for the city, with a design that incorporates an innovative sustainable green ‘living’ wall.

Isaacs Building and Burgess House

Isaacs Building, Pinstone St

Isaacs Building, Pinstone St

Over on Pinstone Street, Isaacs Building and Burgess House are the next two major developments set to open, with both due to open in February next year – offering high-quality homes and workspace.

Telephone House

A deal is also close to being finalised underneath Telephone House, where the positive design changes – including the car park’s striking new cladding – are expected to result in the leasing of 15,000 sq ft to a leisure tenant – opening in Spring 2022.

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