What lies beneath: ShAFF to host tour of Megatron

With one month to go until Sheffield Adventure Film Festival returns to the Showroom Cinema, the festival has teamed up with The Outdoor City and youth hostel charity YHA to arrange a unique urban adventure for festival-goers into the Victorian storm drain network underneath the city, also know as the MEGATRON!

Guided by caving experts from YHA’s Castleton Youth Hostel in the Peak District, this year’s ShAFF is offering the opportunity for people to experience some of Sheffield’s hidden rivers, watch films in the Victorian storm drains, and learn about plans to start their rescue through a new, dedicated, charitable trust – Putting the Sheaf back in Sheffield.

The Victorian-engineered drainage system was built in the 1800s underneath the city centre and contains a network of brick archways and dark tunnels which were designed to stem the overflow of water from a storm and channel the huge flow of water from the three main rivers (Sheaf, Porter and the Don) that run through Sheffield.

The trailer for this year’s ShAFF has been released, you can watch it here.

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