Vegan community centre to open in Sheffield city centre

A vegan community centre is set to open in Sheffield city centre after a planning application from HeartCure Collective was approved by the council. 

The campaign for the social centre was launched in January 2018, with HeartCure asking the public to donate to the cause.

Founder of HeartCure Jordan said in a Facebook video: “We hope this centre will inspire vegans and activists and create daily change. We want to provide resources for the local community to find out about veganism.

“We believe in a world where animals are no longer oppressed. We want to create a hub that will help us all provide a peaceful future for all species.”

In the centre, there’ll be a space for  yoga classes, film screenings, talks and activism workshops. An all-vegan café will be serving food, kombucha and cake with space to accommodate a pop-up food business. Elsewhere, there is plans for a zero waste shop, an ethical clothing shop and a library.

Work is to begin on the Garden Street building this week. Head over to HeartCure’s website for more details. 

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