Sheffield grime tournament to counteract gang violence

In order to counteract the association between grime music and the rising rate of gang violence in Sheffield, Camspired has collaborated with a number of organisations to run Undisputed, an eight-person grime tournament at Plug on Friday 2 November.

Camspired has created this competition to give artists the opportunity to showcase their talent in a safe environment. The event aims to reduce the stigma around grime clashes as lyrics promoting or glorifying the use of violence and drugs have been banned.

They are encouraging MCs to send their best clash videos or track links to admin@rtdproductionz.com and anr@northsidemediatv.co.uk, where the eight best MCs will be chosen to take part in the tournament and be in with a chance to win a cash prize of £2000, sponsored by Bomber Boxing Promotions. The event will be hosted by Arsenal Fan TV’s Heavy D with Sheffield grime artists Shinobi and Bigg Turbz confirmed for the judging panel.

Organisers said: “Gang violence in and around Sheffield is rising at an alarming rate as our young people continue to kill each other over issues that could possibly have been resolved without resulting in life threatening injuries or death. With the rise of violence throughout the UK, a lot of debate has been sparked about why this is happening. Recently the finger is being pointed at drill music due to the explicit lyrics around gang activities. Before drill it was grime, bassline, garage and a number of other urban genres over the years. Even hip hop when it first came about.

“Although a fair argument can be made to say music can be part of the issue depending on artists lyrics, it is unfair the way the media have attempted to tarnish the entire culture of urban music causing people to have a false interpretation which has developed into a fear. We want to show how wrong the perception of genres like grime is and burst the stigma around grime clashes which is a strong part of the music culture. Thanks to Stay Safe Security for partnering up with us. We will be pushing the #KeepSheffieldStainless campaign. This campaign has been developed to collect knives off the streets and knives handed in by young people. These knives are then destroyed and taken off the streets for good.”

Tickets cost £10 in advance, £15 on the door and are on sale now.

The event is part of the on going #KeepSheffieldStainless campaign to raise awareness for anti knife violence in Sheffield. 

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