Tunes at the Toolmakers

The Toolmakers brewery and live music space has settled in nicely to life just outside of Kelham.

The Toolmakers brewery opened in 2013 after being bought by husband and wife team Ollie and Marion who, after a short time operating on a temporary licence, were awarded a full-time music venue licence in 2018.

Despite the licence being in operation for less than 12 months, it was something that Ollie planned from the start. “It was always the intention to open the Toolmakers as a brewery and gig venue. We’ve had a good response to the gigs ever since we put started putting them on. Now, we’re looking to get more local promoters involved. We want to have a more varied line-up, rather than your usual rock band gigs. We want jazz, blues, everything.”

Ollie and Marion intend to keep the venue in the family, once retirement looms over the horizon. “Our daughter is 20 so she’ll be looking after the bands. We’ll probably leave the venue to her soon. We don’t get much sleep on the weekends now!”

The husband and wife team also run the neighbouring boozer The Forest on Rutland Street where you can also find open mic nights featuring local artists and a selection of the Toolmakers beers brewed next door.

6-8 Botsford St, Sheffield S3 9PF // @ToolmakersBrewery

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