Truelove’s Gutter: Peddler-style market set for Castlegate

Sheffield city council has launched a campaign to turn Exchange Street in Castlegate into a new destination for food and other start-ups under the title of Truelove’s Gutter Pop-ups.

The council is inviting proposals to use the northern side of the Exchange Street pedestrian area for pop-up structures housing small food outlets, shops, community and workspace, citing Kelham Island’s Peddler market as an example of a successful and similar venture.

The name Truelove’s Gutter was brought to the attention of the world by the 2009 Richard Hawley album which took its title from a street in old Sheffield, roughly on the line of the current Exchange Street.

Speaking of the plans, Richard said: “This part of Sheffield is very close to my heart I spent so much time as a child in the Castle Market with my grandparents, as a teenager in Kenny’s and Revolution records, Harrington’s, Rand and also the Lady’s Bridge pub with my Dad and his mates discussing music amongst many other things. I learned so much here.

“This part of Sheffield is very close to my heart I spent so much time as a child in the Castle Market with my grandparents.”

“I’m so pleased to see the Truelove’s Gutter street name getting a new lease of life and Exchange Street being used for the creative endeavours of musicians of all ages to gain experience and encouragement with rehearsing, recording and performing.”

The album was allegedly named after 18th-century innkeeper Thomas Truelove, who used to charge local people to dump their rubbish in the gutter in the street which then flowed down to the River Don.

Edward Highfield, director of city growth at Sheffield city council, said: “There is a renewed vibrancy to Castlegate. It’s Sheffield’s ancient heart but it also has a dynamic, digital future as evidenced by the success of Castle House and Kommune. The next step is getting pop-ups to re-imagine Exchange Street as Truelove’s Gutter, a new name that will chime with music and history fans.”

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Preferred uses could include food and drink, specialist retail/craft/services such as a bike shop, small performance and music events, community activities and micro office, studio or workspaces, preferably on upper floors. For more details please contact Simon Ogden, Castlegate programme director or 0114 2734189. Offers should be submitted by 12 noon on Friday 24 May 2019 to

In association with, the local box office.

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