Through The Lens: Exposed Fashion Shoot

Ellie Grace goes behind the scenes at our March issue fashion shoot.

I spent the day with everyone at the Exposed fashion shoot sneaking around snapping all the behind the scenes stuff. It was really inspiring to see some of the talent that Sheffield has. I’ll be honest, I hadn’t actually heard of many of the brands that were being photographed but that’s because I pay no attention to the fashion world and I probably have the least fashion knowledge ever. So on the day it was nice to be enlightened on what people of Sheffield were producing and wearing. My personal favourite was the cactus dress by Syd and Mallory but that’s the fun side of me coming out! I remembered Drop Dead from probably about 10 years ago, way back when I was little emo kid and thought that the best thing in the world was to wear a jumper with some emo guy on and some hearts. However, it was amazing to see how far the company had come and are producing clothes that are incredibly stylish and of a high quality. I’ll leave it for the main issue from Exposed to enlighten you on the rest of the brands and their amazing clothes.

There was help on the day from Hair Kandi whose attention to detail was meticulous and a lovely make-up artist Chloe Gray who created looks that truly stood out when under the lighting. I had the best day following Timm from The Picture Foundry, who was the photographer, you could tell he knew exactly what he was doing and he had an amazing presence around the models that created a great working atmosphere and put everyone at ease. I’ve only seen sneak peeks at the pictures he took but they look amazing so far. Timm wasn’t just a great photographer, he was so lovely to me as I’m still considered a newbie to this career with only a year’s professional experience, so it was great to be around someone like him. Anyway, enough gushing about fellow photographers, I hope you enjoy looking at these behind the scenes shots and look forward to seeing the “proper” photos.

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