The Sleigh Bar won’t be returning to Sheffield this Christmas

The popular festive venue The Sleigh Bar will not be returning to Fargate for the Sheffield Christmas Markets this winter.

The bar was hugely popular with Christmas drinkers, often using it as a starting point for work Christmas parties or for a post-shopping sup.

Organisers released a statement on Facebook today, citing the organisers of the markets as the reason for it staying away this year.

“Myself and the rest of the sleigh bar family are very sorry to have to announce we will no longer be attending sheffeild Christmas market due to the organisers of the event Percival events and markets.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our customers old and new for your loyal support over the past 6 years you have watched our family run bar grow from to strength to strength your custom as been greatly appreciated.

“A thank you to the customers who come in from word of mouth from there friends. To these who come from near or far on a good reputation we had built up over the years. A thank you to these who used us for a meeting point on your fun nights out. We have enjoyed serving you all and loved getting to know you. 

“Hopefully we will see you again in the near future.”

The organisers of the Christmas Markets has confirmed that a new Alpine Bar will be installed in its place, with more info to come on that in due course.

Read the full statement here.

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