The Merlin Theatre to host Sheffield actor’s acclaimed solo play

Sheffield actor Mark Farrelly is bringing his solo play Quentin Crisp: Naked Hope home to the Merlin Theatre Nether Edge in celebration of its 90th performance.

The show tells the true story of one of the most memorable public figures of this century. Quentin was openly gay since the 1930s and spent decades being beaten in London’s harsh streets. After being portrayed by John Hurt in the landmark film, The Naked Civil Servant, he moved to New York and became an international treasure. Naked Hope serves as a proud tribute to the man and all he endured.

Mark Farrelly, who plays Quentin, explained that his mother suffered from a stroke in 2015 and that he brought the play to Sheffield especially for her. “I wanted to give her the opportunity to see Naked Hope locally as travel is very difficult for her now. We will be holding a collection for the Sheffield Stroke Association straight after the performance, so combined with the fact that it is the 90th performance, and at the very theatre which first got me excited about performing back in the 80s, it’s going to be a very special night.”

The performance takes place at the Merlin Theatre on Meadow Bank Road, S11 9AH, on  16 September. Tickets cost £14 and are available from

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