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The Great Sheffield Pie Crawl

Exposed takes on a pie challenge in the name of charity.

When talks of British Pie Week cropped up in the office, it didn’t take much discussion for us to figure out a way to make the absolute most out of it. A half serious suggestion of turning our beloved pastime of pub crawling on its head by eating a sequence of pies from various Sheffield establishments suddenly became a fully-fledged idea, and before we knew it we were knee deep in pastry.
The tried and trusted Twitterati of Sheffield came up trumps and suggested a whole host of pie places for us to check out; we picked Waterall Brothers Butchers, The Notty House, Café Pie, The Old House, Eten Café, Smoke Barbecue and Silversmith’s from their suggestions to get a real variety. We figured going for seven meat and tatty pies could put even the most seasoned pie eater into a gravy coma…

And to rationalise this indulgent afternoon we teamed up with St Luke’s Hospice to raise some money for their Great Sheffield Pie Month Campaign. Each and every venue donated to the cause, raising money for the hospice which needs a staggering £4.9 million every year to keep doing the amazing work that they do.

So, serious stuff aside – the Exposed pie patrol is off, and we’re starving.


Pie 1

Classic pork pie and ­­­­a Huntsman (chicken, pork & stuffing) pie from Waterall Brothers Butchers.

Starting off small we head on down to the Moor Market for an infamous Waterall Brothers pork pie. The lunchtime queue at this place doesn’t lie and these pork pies are a in a league of their own. For something different we try a Huntsman pie which is chicken and pork with stuffing layered on top. Pie-tastic.


Pie 2

Minced beef & onion pie from The Nottingham House

Unquestionably a pie haven for locals and students alike, we couldn’t resist a simple minced beef and onion one from their impressive ever-changing menu (we’re assured their roast dinner pie on a Sunday is a real winner). Served with chips, mushy peas and slathered in gravy, this was a proper pie, and certainly didn’t last long with us hungry lot.


Pie 3

Chicken and leek pie with braised relish red cabbage from Café Pie

How could we miss this one out? A retro looking café decked in artwork from local artist Matt Cockayne, this is Henderson’s heaven (with Henderson’s themed toilets) and the place to be for a proper belly busting pie. The icing on the cake for this one was the melt in the mouth braised relish red cabbage. Definitely a must for those seeking a side dish substitute from your average plate of peas. A proper pie-ful!


Pie 4

Spicy chicken sriracha pie from The Old House

Well known for their unusual pie concoctions, we opted for a chicken sriracha filling to spice things up a bit. Despite starting to feel slightly pie-eyed it wasn’t hard to power through as this was something special. Unique in flavour with just the right amount of fire, The Old House is the place to go if you’re after something different from your pie endeavours.


Pie 5

Gluten-free apple and Wensleydale pie from Eten Café

There’s a saying in Yorkshire that ‘apple pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze’. To encase this traditional Yorkshire pairing, Head Chef Lee Vintin has perfected gluten-free pastry after years of being unable to eat pie due to having celiac disease. A scrumptious change that proved we were definitely ready for dessert; this is gluten free goodness at its best.


Pie 6

Banoffee pie (with a side of blueberry cheesecake and a chocolate brownie) from Smoke Barbecue

While most people know Smoke for their barbecued ribs, sizzling sausages and pulled pork, they also create delicious desserts that rarely get shouted about. And that’s why we’re here. The banoffee pie in a cup was a revelation, the perfect portion of sweet pie-goodness. The Smoke BBQ staff clearly know the way to our hearts (and bellies), throwing in a blueberry cheesecake and chocolate brownie for good measure. It’s gotten to the point where we’re wondering how on earth there’s going to be room for Pie Number 7…


Pie 7

Fish pie with calamari from Silversmith’s Restaurant

With a sympathetic eye as we (quite literally) roll into Silversmith’s, the chef catered to our bulging bellies and served up a couple of starter-sized fish pies. Light, fluffy mash layered over white fish combined with crispy calamari created a wonderfully light yet satisfying pie, welcomed after an indulgent day of overeating (totally worth it). Excuse us whilst we sleep our way through until the next British Pie Week.


We’d like to thank each venue involved, not only for their fabulous freebie pies, but also for their generous donations to St Luke Hospice. For more information and if you’d like to donate yourself, head to

1382439521-St Luke's Colour

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