Strong & Northern: Henderson’s Relish to release new cook book

Following the success of their 2014 cook book, this brand new offering from Henderson’s and our sister company Meze Publishing showcases the spicy Yorkshire sauce in all its glory.

Strong & Northern is a reminder of what people use Henderson’s Relish for every day: splashing over and stirring into their favourite meals, whether that’s a hearty stew or Friday fish and chips.

Henderson’s Relish is a Sheffield institution with fans at home and all over the world. Reflecting its international appeal and the cultural diversity of our city, this book contains a wide selection of recipes from many cuisines, including pies and pastries, family favourites, one pot meals and Northern classics.

The dishes are all easily achievable for home cooks and designed to please everyone no matter their tastes and dietary requirements. There is a whole section dedicated to vegan dishes including ‘Not Fish and Chips’ alongside seitan and red wine pie, plus collections of sides and cheese dishes from mushy peas to Croque Monsieur. Caribbean pork sancocho, Yemeni chicken, Polish potato pancakes and Spanish empanadas join traditional Yorkshire favourites so there’s plenty to explore.

Each recipe in the book also features someone who loves Sheffield and has served the city through their art, music, work, or community contribution. These fans of Hendo’s have shared their thoughts on the saucy institution, as well as reflections and personal connections to the various elements of its heritage and culture. What comes across is that Sheffield means something different to everyone but genuine pride and affection for the city unites all the perspectives, whether they have lived in ‘the big village’ all their life or spent a short time here that made a lasting impression.

Among those featured are England footballer Millie Bright and former world squash champion Nick Matthew – representing the city’s sporting prowess – as well as renowned artist Joe Scarborough and inaugural poet laureate Otis Mensah, leading lights of Sheffield’s thriving creative scene. Musicians, journalists, business owners, faith leaders, MPs, metal grinders and knife makers provide varied insights to the city of today.

Adam Clarke, head chef at the pioneering vegan bar and eatery Make No Bones at Church, is among those singing its praises: “The main thing that kept me in Sheffield was the emerging food scene – a blank canvas that was being filled in rapidly. The city has the feel of a small village but is also a melting pot of cultures, and is such an open platform for trying different things. At the same time, there’s a strong loyalty to things like Hendo’s that I find myself sticking with too. I’ve used Hendo’s since I first came to Sheffield because it’s such an inclusive condiment that opened the door to vegan seasoning for me, and it just goes with everything.”

The foreword is written by Matt Davies, the general manager at Henderson’s, encourages everyone to embrace the venerable heritage of this beloved product. “It’s all of ours. Whether you’ve just arrived, have been here for years, or have never left, there’s something about this city’s spicy sauce that is different, just right. Find Henderson’s Relish, and you’ll find a home, right here I hope you enjoy these latest Henderson’s recipes. We’re delighted to launch the new Henderson’s Relish Strong & Northern cook book, just in time for Christmas. With new recipes that are easily achievable for home cooks, there’s something for Hendo’s fans everywhere – no matter what their tastes or dietary requirements.”

Strong & Northern is a 192 page hardback and retails at £20. It will be available to purchase from Amazon, bookshops including Waterstones, local gift shops in the Sheffield area and online from www.mezepublishing.co.uk

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