Street Food Chef to reward customers who help reduce plastic waste

One of Sheffield’s most popular independents Street Food Chef has committed to reducing plastic waste by offering a discount off all takeaway meals and drinks for customers who bring their own containers to their Sharrow Vale Road or Arundel Gate venues.

The Mexican cantina has knocked 25p off the price of all take-out hot drinks and meals for customers who take their own containers and cups in. “We are on a mission to cut down on waste and will be rewarding customers who help us,” said Street Food Chef boss Richard Golland.

“Anyone coming for takeaways can bring their own containers, help reduce the use of unnecessary packaging, and save themselves 25p too. They won’t be forking out for packaging they are only going to throw away. Major brands like Costa Coffee are already doing this and we decided that as a local independent it was time to make a stand too.”

Street Food Chef owners Richard and Abi

Street Food Chef has used compostable plates and biodegradable bags since launching in 2010 and last year, Richard and wife Abi decided to go a step further to reduce the use disposable plastic.

Abi said: “We switched to biodegradable and compostable cutlery made of plant starch, sourced coffee cups, margarita slush cups and salsa pots made from corn and vegetable starch and switched plastic straws to paper versions.

“The next step is to encourage people to help us use as little of this as possible, so  less waste is created. We would even like our takeaway customers to bring their own carrier bags.”

Waste left in the restaurants is taken away by Sheffield company Recycling Revolution, a not-for-profit social enterprise which employs of vulnerable people and donates to local charities. // 90 Arundel Street // 376 Sharrow Vale Road

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