St. Luke’s lotto relaunch

St. Luke’s is relaunching its popular lottery competition, and by getting involved you can support the work of the city’s only hospice while putting your name the hat for a cool 15 grand.

The draw guarantees more than 100 prizes each week, ranging from £100 up to £1000, plus a rollover that starts at £375, but could hit £15000 if nobody pinches it. Your odds ain’t half bad either; one in three lucky winners score themselves a prize each year. You don’t even need to agonize over which lucky digits to pick, just sign-up and enter – that’s it.

The hospice has been caring for local people and their families affected by terminal disease since 1971, with thousands of community members benefiting from the service. They’re reliant on voluntary donations, so the money raised from the lottery will fund the care for one in nine of the 1600 patients St. Luke’s are currently helping.

Fancy your chances? Visit their website to register, or complete the form in the St Luke’s lottery leaflet available in stores across the city.

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