Spring opening for new Victoria Quays bar and restaurant Cormorant

It’s going to be Sheffield food done really well

A brand new bar and restaurant is opening at Victoria Quays, just in time for spring. Cormorant Kitchen, will be opening in April/May in arches 18 and 19 at the quays, next door to the popular drinking spot Dorothy Pax.

“The concept is quality dining, it won’t be about pretension,” owner Morgan Davies, who will be opening the venue along with fellow directors Samuel Humphries, Matt Guillot and Bally Johal, tells us. “We’ll have an à la carte menu and a tasting menu with 6-8 courses, which will be seasonal. As well as a standard menu we’ll have a full vegan menu and people will be able to chop and change with three from each, for example.”

Morgan, who opened Barrowboy on Abbeydale Road almost two years ago to much success, has drafted in chef Joseph Sorsby, who’s spent a couple of years in Michelin Starred restaurants in Rotterdam. “We’ve had the place a while,” adds Morgan. “It’s been a long process and we were hoping to open before Christmas but we’ve been held back by a few things. The idea is quality products but we don’t want to alienate anyone. It’s going to be Sheffield food, done really well.

“The name comes from the sea bird that in recent years has been seen across all the English waterways, including canals. But also, the Cormorant was how the devil disguised himself in Paradise Lost to break into the garden of Eden. I’m not saying Victoria Quays is paradise but it isn’t far off!”

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Images by drkingshulze

Cormorant, which will be able to serve around 30 people in the restaurant arch (more on the bar arch later), is aiming to be entirely sustainable with their produce. “Sustainability is a big thing for us – any waste and leftover products goes straight back into the food or a cocktail. For example some things will be used as a cordial after being used to create a dish.”

The bar and restaurant will be opening next door to the Dorothy Pax, which has become quite the spot over the years. “We know Rich at the Dorothy Pax really well and the idea is for both venues to complement each other rather than be competitors. The Quays are one of the most beautiful areas in Sheffield, especially in the summer.

“The bar side of it is really important for me and I’m really excited for it – it’ll be a cocktail and wine bar, but we’ll obviously have a few beers on. It really excites me whether you’re sat having a bottle of wine in the evening or a pint of Peroni – or whatever it might be – sat outside in the sun and having a good time. We’re looking at around 70 to 80 capacity outside on the bar side, so we’re hoping people come and have a long experience in the evening where they can enjoy themselves and have a blow out with all the thrills.”

Cormorant Kitchen opens in spring at 18-19 Victoria Quays. Head over to Cormorant’s Facebook page and Instagram for updates.

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