Sky’s the limit! 5 things that could be coming to Sheffield’s Ski Village

Sheffield city council has provisionally agreed a grant of more than £300,000 for Skyline, a New Zealand-based extreme activity company that is expected to form part of a revamped Parkwood Springs leisure complex, home to the former Ski Village.

Councillor Mazher Iqbal, cabinet member for business and investment at Sheffield City Council, said “Sheffield has become a destination for inward investment in recent years, with global companies such as McLaren Automotive, Boeing and many other smaller businesses choosing to base themselves in the region.

“This is partly because we have a unique and distinctive offer as The Outdoor City, which gives us the edge in terms of quality of life and is something that Skyline will complement perfectly. I’m looking forward to working with them further to bring another exciting new venture to our vibrant city.”

Skyline’s New Zealand venues feature an uphill gondola ride and downhill luge tracks. Skyline also offers walking tracks, mountain biking trails, cultural experiences and adventure activities. Here’s five things that could be in the pipeline for the renovated Ski Village…

Skyline’s eight-seater Gondola cabins allow visitors to experience spectacular views of their surroundings. If this is installed at Parkwood Springs, you can expect unrivalled views of the entirety of Sheffield’s seven hills.

Skyline’s website describes a Luge as a “part go-cart, part toboggan” which basically is steered around a downhill track using a “unique braking and steering system”. Sounds a laugh, dunnit?

Once you’ve braved the Gondola ride, there could well be a faster route back down. One of Skyline’s specialities is the downhill mountain biking track and we’re hopeful they will be bringing their 12km circuit to the Steel City in the future.

Another way down the slope could be via zipline, with Skyline’s Rotorua park featuring a unique 400-metre dual zipline which allows you to race your friends and family at speeds of up to 35mph.

Basically what it says on the tin. You and a couple of mates jump on a three-seater swing and get launched into the air reaching speeds of 90mph for what Skyline describes as the ultimate adrenaline rush.

Head over to for more of a taster of what Skyline could be bringing to Parkwood Springs. 

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