Sheffield’s vegan community centre faces closure

Despite only being open for a month, Sheffield’s vegan social centre Heartcure Collective is facing severe financial problems, prompting the owners to take to Facebook to ask for help in keeping the centre open.

Spiralling debts and unexpected costs during the renovation of the building (on Garden Street, close to West Bar) mean the centre has just a week to come up with a solution and a way to afford rent.

Jordan McCusker, who runs the centre with Georgia Cook, announced the news on Facebook. “It’s with a heavy heart that we say this and we’re sorry to share such sad news. The centre opened before it was finished to try and recover some of the unexpected costs. Unfortunately the debts owed has continued to rise and we can no longer even afford the rent. We have less than 10 days to try and figure out a solution before we will face shutting down the business permanently.

“Seeing the space being used and enjoyed has filled us with so much hope and love for this community.”

“We’re not giving up and we’re continuing to work on finding solutions however the workload is simply too much. We’re looking for people to come and work with us, myself and Georgia are running the collective unpaid and simply do not have the hours to do it alone. If anyone wants to come on board and help us run it, please get in touch. This can include helping us share the fundraisers, events, financial guidance, help with social media, applying for funding, anything and everything would help. We’re both feeling incredibly burnt out and its just not feasible for us to continue to run it alone.

“Again we cannot thank everyone enough for the support and truly seeing the space being used and enjoyed has filled us with so much hope and love for this community around us. This centre is here because of so many peoples hard work and we hope that we can find a way for it to continue.”

If you want to help out the centre, you can donate to the cause online here.

Follow Heartcure Collective on Facebook here.

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