Sheffield’s Lord Mayor Magid Magid to stand in EU elections

With voting set to open tomorrow (10 April), Sheffield’s soon-to-be former Lord Mayor Magid Magid has announced that he will stand as the lead candidate for the Green Party for Yorkshire and the Humber.

The past 12 months has seen Magid become a breathe of fresh air in politics in Sheffield, connecting with the younger generation and, in his own words, bringing the role of Lord Mayor into the 21st century.

Announcing the news on his official Facebook page, Magid said: “As well as being a voice and a champion for all of Yorkshire and The Humber, I want to be an advocate for all young people across our region, to validate their belief in Europe as a collective hope for something better and to empower them to make changes in their own communities; to think beyond borders and participate in international struggles such as climate catastrophe and the rise of the far-right.

“We have to mobilise support beyond our traditional base while staying true to the values that underpin our cause. And I believe I have shown I can do that. However, I cannot do this alone and need your support – only together, as a collective movement, can we win.”

With Brexit proving more divisive each week, the UK has been forced to prepare to take part in the upcoming EU elections.

If you want to vote for Magid in the elections, head over to for more information about how you can do so.

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