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Sheffield’s Homeless Shoebox Appeal 2015

Back in 2013, Kelly Hawley set up Sheffield’s Homeless Shoebox Appeal, what she described to us as a “happy accident.”

She told Exposed: “I went around my friends and family gathering things for the Cathedral Archer Project. It got bigger and bigger – I’d planned to get 200, and ended up with 700! So I took what I needed to the Cathedral and then distributed the rest around St Anne’s and the Salvation Army.”

After this great start, the initiative was spread to other areas in South Yorkshire- Doncaster, Rotherham and Barnsley- and the dog boxes also originated, many of which went to local pet rescue centres which take in a lot of dogs from recently homeless people.

This year’s appeal is already well under way with many boxes already created, however more help is of course needed!

The team have come up with plenty of ideas for what you could include in the Christmas boxes, including different ideas for a variety of age groups, as well as original concepts to include in the dog boxes!

The deadline for the boxes is December 12th. For more information on drop off points as well as ideas to include, check out the appeals Facebook page here.


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