Sheffield urban farm enjoys ‘Fresh Starts’

Sheffield-based start-up nuf (Nice Urban Farm) has launched its first Fresh Starts kits, a range of organically grown vegetable and herb collections for small scale home gardeners to grow amazing tasting produce at home.

If you’re short on space, but fancy the idea of growing your own produce, nuf’s kits are perfect for growing in smaller spaces and are now posted straight to your door.

nuf founder Andrea Burns tending to

The business launched in February 2020, originally with the intention of supplying micro greens, grown from their indoor vertical farm, to local restaurants, cafes and hospitality.

Their timing couldn’t have been worse, as we all know, a month later lockdown was imposed, and their customer base vanished overnight.

nuf's Fresh Starts kits

nuf’s new Fresh Starts kits

“We spent the next 12 months developing new ideas and products so we could pivot to try to make our tiny start up a success,” says nuf founder Andrea Burns, “In that time, we were lucky enough to take on a more traditional outdoor plot so we could grow fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs for our family.

“The experience and grounding that we got from being able to connect with nature and the earth through such a difficult time was incredible.

nuf founder boxing up Fresh Starts kits

“It inspired us to find new ways to put our indoor farm (which is basically a big plant incubator) to good use, and so working with other organic growers in the UK we are now hugely excited to be launching Fresh Starts.”

The kits are designed to supply small scale home growers with organically grown plant starts, so everyone can enjoy the amazing experience and taste of homegrown produce.

More info on their first range, which includes Fresh Starts Tomato Collection, Fresh Starts Squash Collection and Fresh Starts Herb Collection, can be found on their website.

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