Sheffield pizza place to give away FREE pizza to key workers

Tray a Day is back, and the team over at local Neapolitan pizza place, Proove, is fired up to feed the hungry mouths of key workers once more! 

When COVID had made its way onto UK shores and the whole country was placed into lockdown early last year, it soon became clear who our heroes were – the key workers who were braving the frontline to keep us all safe, and providing essential services to keep the country going.

Seeing the hard work and sacrifices being made, the team at Proove decided to jump at the opportunity to give something back, launching their Tray a Day campaign. With key workers nominated to receive free pizza delivered fresh to the workplace, the campaign turned out to be really successful, and saw over £25,000-worth of pizza being donated to NHS staff and key workers across Sheffield and Manchester.

Now, almost a year after the outbreak and the first national lockdown, the Proove team are firing up to get some delicious food delivered to hungry key workers once more, with Tray a Day 2.0!

This time around, things will be a little bit different. Instead of delivering a pile of pizzas to the workplace, Proove have been prepping hundreds of their DIY Proove@Home pizza kits to give away to local key workers, to cook up and enjoy in their downtime.

Mates with a key worker? Married to a key worker? Related to a key worker, or a key worker yourself? Get in touch! NHS staff, nurses, doctors, paramedics, police, teachers, cleaners, pharmacy staff, firefighters, postal workers, shop owners, checkout assistants, shelf stackers, delivery drivers, and all other key workers are welcome!

The promotion will run at Proove’s restaurants in Sheffield and West Didsbury from 1st – 14th March 2021. All you need to do to claim your free Proove@Home kit is give the local Proove restaurant a call and get your collection slot booked, not forgetting to bring along your NHS/work ID and your face mask when you collect!

More info here.

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