Cowabunga! ‘Sheffield Ninja’ account takes Instagram by storm

You’ve probably seen the now famous Sheffield Ninja on Instagram. If not, you’ve clearly not been spending enough time procrastinating on the internet. 

First Banksy, now the Sheffield Ninja. Racking up almost 500 followers in just under two weeks, this account posting artistic shots of a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figurine around Sheffield is quickly becoming one of Sheff’s most popular anonymous Instagram pages.

But who’s behind the ninja mask? It seems that the identity behind the pseudonym will remain a mystery as the photographer hasn’t even included their hands in the posts.

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There’s no denying though, this clever ninja has an artistic eye, these impressive shots take planning and skill. The depth of the shots suggest this person is a pro, and possibly has too much time on their hands.

Why Mutant Turtles? Is there a message here? Is this a piece of highly sophisticated artistic social commentary? We may never know. We’ll certainly be on the look out trying to spot this ninja around town.

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