Sheffield designers launch Kickstarter for art and music project

Two Sheffield based designers have launched a Kickstarter in a bid to launch Sequence – a service which transforms albums into original artwork for the wall. 

Sequence, launched by James Lowe and Alex Szabo-Haslam, turns any album into an original piece of art, with nine different colour schemes and two styles to pick from. Each piece of artwork is created with a printing process which utilises vibrant pigment inks, with light-fast archival qualities with the resulting print arriving in fine detail, with a life expectancy of 100 years on display.

James and Alex need to raise £3,000. Pledge rewards start at £45 for a single A2 album or discography print, £80 for an A1 album print or discography, and several other price points available with multiple purchases.

Produced limited edition prints that display the entire discographies of 36 well-known artists, including The Beatles, Wu Tang Clan, Aphex Twin, Madonna, Fleetwood Mac, The Prodigy, Michael Jackson, The Smiths, Prince, Beastie Boys, Nirvana, Daft Punk and Nine Inch Nails.

Pulp and Arctic Monkeys prints

Inspiration behind the project
“We’re both massively into music, but quite different genres — Alex is from a techno background, while James listens to more rock and indie. As we’re both graphic designers, we decided to find a way to display our favourite albums together in a visually interesting way, regardless of genre.”

How it works?
“Sequence takes the duration of tracks on an album and converts it to physical length. Each bar is then combined to create either a block or spiral shape. As every album is different, no two prints ever look the same. The artwork is available in nine colour schemes and in two sizes. The beauty is that once you’ve bought a piece, you’ll own a personalised, one-off piece of artwork. The result is something that looks quite unlike your typical music-based merchandise.”

Limited edition options
“As well as the individual albums, we also offer 36 pre-selected discographies from artists such as Prince, Apex Twin, David Bowie, The Beatles and The Fall (full list available on the Kickstarter page). They use the same system as the albums to plot the track lengths which results in some lovely glitchy and colourful wall art. You can choose any of the nine pre-selected colours schemes, and most are available in two different sizes.”

What are your future hopes for the project?
“Initially, we want the Kickstarter campaign to make it’s target of £3000 so we can fulfil the project. Beyond that, we’re looking to host exhibitions and popups, and visit print fairs around the country. Eventually we’d love Sequence to become its own entity so people can buy their customised prints online.”

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