Sheffield dad aims to raise £75,000 for cancer treatment

A 46 year-old Sheffield dad is raising money for potentially life-saving cancer treatment via the crowd-funding site JustGiving.

Having already had to battle through health problems stemming from the emergence of a brain tumour back in 2011, self-employed hair stylist Stephen Brooks and his family were devastated in July after finding out that the tumour had re-emerged and had become malignant.

Due to the potentially damaging nature of Radiotherapy treatment when used on brain tissue (it is unable to isolate unhealthy cells), Stephen and his family began looking for other treatment options. What they found was Proton therapy, which is able to isolate the tumour and its roots without damaging healthy tissue, but which is only available privately.

The proposed treatment is long, arduous and expensive, and as a result Stephen is attempting to raise seventy-five thousand pounds to help fund his recovery. “The reality is, I want to stay as I am for as long as possible, sharing and making memories with my beautiful family, and not be further compromised”.

The young family have no other way of funding this treatment and with the time off work needed, any donations would be greatly appreciated.

For further information and to donate please visit Stephen’s JustGiving page.

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