Sheffield crowned ‘foodie capital of UK’

‘A paradise for food lovers’. We’re obviously biased, but we think Accor might be onto something here!

Hospitality company Accor have curated an exhaustive list of the best foodie locations in the UK (outside of London) scoring each one out of 100 based on Google reviews, Michelin guide ratings, social data and sentiment.

And what d’ya know, Sheffield comes out on top with a whopping 99/100!

Accor’s website explains: “Our data crowns Sheffield as the foodie capital of the UK after achieving a weighted score of 99.

foodie capital

Grazie photographed by Marc Barker

“This city distinguishes itself as a hub for food festivals and markets. Following a thorough evaluation of Google reviews and social media engagement, Sheffield garnered an impressive score of 99 for its food festivals and a solid 71 for its food markets.

“Additionally, securing a place among the top three sought-after destinations for food tourism, this city, boasting a foodies population score of 54, can rightfully be dubbed a paradise for food lovers.”

With four Michelin Guide listed venues, the Steel City beat off competition from Edinburgh (2nd with 86) and Newcastle (3rd with 77).

This new accolade comes after Time Out named Sheffield one of the best places in Europe for a city break earlier in the year and, after banging Sheffield’s drum for 20-years now, it feels a bit like everyone else is catching up.

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