Sheffield Cathedral’s Christmas tree festival to bring festive cheer to the city

This year Sheffield Cathedral will be at the heart of the city’s Christmas celebrations with a delightful display of beautifully decorated trees which have been safely spaced throughout the nave. More than 30 Sheffield businesses, charities and schools have come together to sponsor their own tree and lift the spirits of the city by taking part in a magical new Christmas Tree Festival at Sheffield Cathedral. Everyone taking part has been invited to decorate their own 5–6-foot tree which have been supplied with lights by the Cathedral.

“This time last year we were welcoming 11,500 people to the Cathedral to see our first light show. Of course we are disappointed not to be able to host a similar event this Christmas but we hope the Christmas Tree Festival will make up for it a little” said Ben Rossi, development manager for Sheffield Cathedral. “We are extremely grateful to all the local businesses, schools and charities who have pulled together and supported the Cathedral in bringing the festival to life. If all goes well, we will host another festival next Christmas. You never know, it may become an annual event which forms part of Sheffield’s Christmas celebrations every year.”

Simon Tomlinson, director of Sheffield technology company etiCloud who are sponsoring the festival added “It’s been an absolute pleasure to support Sheffield Cathedral’s Christmas Tree Festival. We just wanted to help bring some festive cheer to everyone at the end of an otherwise very difficult year.”

The Cathedral is open but operating with restricted visitor numbers and visiting hours. Visitors to the festival will be asked to follow Covid-19 safety measures put in place by the Cathedral. Anyone wishing to visit the festival is encouraged to check the latest visitor information and opening times on the Cathedral’s website – www.sheffieldcathedral.org. If you do not feel comfortable visiting you can see a virtual tour of the festival on the Cathedral’s website.

Whether you visit the festival in person or online you will be encouraged to vote for your favourite tree with prizes for the winning two trees with local good causes to benefit. At the end of the festival all the trees will be disposed of environmentally with a donation being made to The Children’s Hospital Charity.

For more information go to the Sheffield Cathedral website at www.sheffieldcathedral.org.

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