Sheffield Castle excavation to begin this summer

An investigation to uncover the remains of Sheffield Castle has been given the go ahead by Sheffield city council. 

The medieval castle in Castlegate dates back to the century after the Norman Conquest of England in 1066, even housing Mary, Queen of Scots as a prisoner in between 1570 and 1584. The castle was destroyed in the 1600s and the demolition of Castle Market, which was built over the remains and then demolished in 2016, paved the way for excavations to take place following a campaign from the Friends of Sheffield Castle group.

Martin Gorman, chair of Friends of Sheffield Castle said “The Friends have been campaigning for several years for this and we are looking forward to working with the archaeological team to see what remains of this rich historic site. By examining the past in this way, we can help ensure Castlegate can have a thriving future.”

Professor John Moreland from of the University of Sheffield, which has conducted its own excavations, added: “The University has been a strong supporter of the regeneration of Castlegate for over four years and is proud of the creative role played by our staff and students particularly in architecture, landscape and archaeology in shaping and promoting the rediscovery of the Castle.”

The dig is set to begin this summer with the council also announcing tours for schools, community and heritage groups and the public will take place. A detailed computer visualisation of the castle will be unveiled at the Festival of the Mind in September. 

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