Shed redefines ‘fast food’ with smart vending machines

Plant-based canteen Shed is redefining the future of fast food with exciting, wholesome foods on the go from a handy vending machine.

Located in Cutlery Works, the vegan canteen offers completely stress-free, ‘feel good’ breakfast, lunch and snack options that are always nutrient-rich and packed with flavour.

The machine offers the next generation of smart vending solutions, boasting freshly-made nourishing goodness whenever you need it. Leading the way in the world of modern fast food, Shed aims to make eating healthily easier. The team there believe that this can be achieved through technologically advanced solutions and redefined fast food.

“We aim to better people’s lives through the food they eat,” say the  Shed team. “We want to make healthy food as convenient as possible. We embrace technology as a solution to deliver fresh, high-quality food. And we want to change people’s perception of using vending machines!”

“We understand that eating healthily can be hard. We want to make it easier. Through technologically advanced solutions and redefined fast food, we’re pioneering the way. That means that we can offer fresh, high-quality food 24 hours a day within walking distance of your desk.”

Currently, Shed’s vending machines can be found at the Northern General Hospital, Pond’s Forge and the Royal Hallamshire Hospital.

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