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A Tardis-like hub of wellness and community tucked away in the leafy surrounds of Abbeydale, Sheffield’s Soul Fire Studios celebrates its 5th birthday this year – and fittingly, the venue arrives at the milestone in very good shape indeed.

The ethos of what they do is informed by three core elements: yoga, healing and vibrant health. Naturally, a wide range of yoga classes are available onsite – everything from hot yoga and aerial sessions to the more strength-based vinyasa or introspective styles such as yin yoga – but director Anne Marie Gordon is keen to stress that while remaining a key pillar of its identity, Soul Fire is much more than just a yoga centre.

“We offer a holistic service, bringing together a community around health, healing and wellness and supporting people on that journey. Upstairs we have spaces which offer counselling, reiki and massage therapies – plus there’s room for more businesses to get involved and grow with us on that front – whereas downstairs we’re incredibly excited to announce that our on-site vegan café will be open from February onwards.”

Soul Fire Yoga

Jo and Anne-Marie of Soul Fire Studios

That wider commitment to community and lifestyle is something which helps set Soul Fire apart; from food workshops to spiritual talks, inspirational movie nights to enjoying their trademark cold-pressed juices on the suntrap rooftop garden, everything revolves around nurturing a sense of companionship and connection, those important aspects of life that have undoubtedly been in short supply during the pandemic.

“A lot of people have had to deal with feeling disconnected and isolated over the last two years,” says Anne Marie. “So, our main goal is to make people feel welcome, to feel connected to themselves and to feel part of a community – without expectation or judgement.”

Soul Fire Yoga

Certainly, during a period where public standards of health – both physical and mental – are continuing to be tested, the benefits of practices such as yoga, nutritional awareness and stress management during a pandemic are well-documented. The team are conscious of potential anxieties in the return to physical gatherings, so repeated deep cleans and a commitment to respecting personal space ensures the provision of a safe, inclusive and welcoming environment.

The broad package that a regular yoga practice offers is something manager Jo Edwards is keen to extol the virtues of, particularly with a 6-week beginners course launching this month (13th Feb) – a perfect fit for anyone looking to learn the foundations of yoga or even refresh themselves with the basics.

Soul Fire Yoga

“I think there can be some misunderstanding with yoga: it’s not just physically beneficial but also mentally beneficial, emotionally beneficial. You see a lot of stuff online essentially telling you that if you don’t look a certain way then you’re not fit or flexible enough to do yoga. That’s not real, that’s just Instagram yoga. Soul Fire is more than just fitness yoga, as it focuses on how people feel, too. It’s a whole health practice and we are on a mission to transform as many lives as we can.”

There’s huge sense of potential bubbling inside 7 Edgedale Road, and the resident team of yogis, bodyworkers, food creatives, counsellors and therapists are looking to bring as many people as possible on a life-nourishing journey with them. For more information on what’s on offer regarding memberships, classes, events and room hire at Soul Fire Studios, pay them a visit at or call on 0114 221 6551.

Soul Fire Yoga

Soul Fire Studios

7 Edgedale Road

S7 2BQ


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