Sentinel Brewing Co. to reopen under a new name

Back in September, the owner of Sentinel Brewing Co. Alex Barlow told Exposed that his Shoreham Street bar had closed with immediate effect, entering into liquidation with the aim of seeking a buyer. 

Sentinel, via its Facebook page, has now announced that a new company called Kangavar Ltd has taken over the business. “As many people seem interested: Kangavar Ltd. has now leased the building and bought Sentinel plant, bar and beers. We will be selling off remaining stock while we we arrange to start brewing under a new name, yet to be decided. We hope to keep all that was good about Sentinel whilst making a few positive changes and hope you will join us on the journey.”

Sentinel had suffered financial difficulties since opening in 2016, with reports of the brewery and bar owing more than £1 million in debt. Alex had previously told Exposed that despite excellent feedback from regulars, the company still struggled with footfall. “Our reviews are great, feedback from consumers is great, but it doesn’t pay the bills. We simply do not have enough people coming in the door.

“It’s a stunning venue, a great range of beers and we do excellent food. We just haven’t got the volume of trade to keep the place open and we’ve had to take the reluctant decision to close.”

The new company, Kangavar Ltd, is named after a valley in the Kermanshah Province of Iran where early traces of wine and beer were found in ceramics dated to 3100-2900 BC.

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