unified response exercise

Unified Response Exercise with Rotherham College Students

Working closely with Rotherham College, last month the London Emergency Services carried out a world-record-breaking exercise, with over 1500 ‘casualties’ requiring ‘rescue’. The exercise took place in a replication of a post-accident at Waterloo station. Rotherham College worked tirelessly behind the scenes, researching and artfully using make-up to create a massive amount of specific injuries, which the firefighters and medical staff in the exercise had to know how to respond to. The mammoth exercise took place over several days, with the make-up students and teachers re-applying the injuries day-by-day with details communicating how long the actors had said injuries (such as the deterioration of the condition of a wound as time goes by). Advised by doctors at Rotherham Hospital, the students were praised for the realism and authentic appearance of the detailed injuries. In a video of the exercise on YouTube, the students remarked that working so closely with the emergency services enabled them to perfect their skills in preparation for work in TV, film, theatre and future simulation events.

unspecifiedKelly Carr, Curriculum Leader for media hair and make-up said: “Working with London Fire Brigade on the Unified Response Exercise was the most remarkable work experience for our students. They gained so much by working as part of a team with the emergency services, such as appreciating the importance of ensuring the simulated injuries and special effects were anatomically correct and realistic. We are so proud of our students as they were very professional in their manner, worked very well under pressure and as a team. Our students work on many theatre productions and work very closely with the Rotherham NHS Clinical Simulation department which have proved to provide the perfect preparation for an event this size. Rotherham College was the only FE college in the UK working on this event (the largest in Europe)  alongside a professional trauma effects company.”

unspecified3Jennie Swift and John Slater of Black Box Productions were also there on the day. She said: “John and I went down to Dartford to work alongside Rotherham College with John taking care of videography and photographs capturing the experience. I was responsible for advising the moulage artists in the realism of their special medical effects recreating such things as crush injuries, compartment syndrome, fractures, lacerations, dehydration and shock. We have built a very close relationship with the media makeup team over the past 4 years.

“The event demonstrated the wealth of experience and knowledge Rotherham and South Yorkshire has in this specialist area of expertise – simulation moulage afffects. With RCAT recently winning the prestigious  Beacon Award for its contribution to Further Education.”

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