Roco closes down after entering liquidation

Glossop Road arts centre Roco has closed down after going into liquidation. 

The creative hub opened in 2015 in a row of seven Grade II-listed terraced houses on Glossop Road near Sheffield University’s Students’ Union. It featured 40 studios, design and bookstore, cafe and roof-top bar.

The appointed liquidator, Ms Kitchingman said that Roco had struggled following a recent flood: “We are aware of the flooding and it will have had an impact on them, because that source of income was just not available any more. Unfortunately it wasn’t viable to continue going based on the financial status of the company. There’s nobody trading from that site at the moment, and we’re the ones sorting out any claims that are coming through.

“There was insufficient funding to keep going. That was the main issue and they couldn’t afford to continue trading.”

Andrea Burns and business partner Chris Hill launched the centre in 2015.

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