Richard Hawley to play tiny Sheffield gig at The Greystones

Bear Tree Records has teamed up with Richard Hawley for a pair of intimate acoustic gigs at Hawley’s local boozer the Greystones to celebrate the release of Further on Saturday 1 June. 

The gigs will be taking place at 12:30pm and 2pm at the 150 capacity pub on Greystones Road and the only way to gain entry, is to pre-order a CD/vinyl of Hawley’s latest album from Bear Tree Records. Tickets will needed to be collected from Bear Tree between 27 – 31 May, with albums available for collection from Friday 31 May. Tickets and albums are only available for collection  and the only way to gain entry to the gigs is with a physical ticket. That make sense? Good!

Speaking about Further, Hawley told Exposed:  “I think about seventy/eighty percent of the album has got strings and orchestration on it. I know folks think of me as: “Richard Hawley, the string-laden, orchestral la-de-fucking-da ballad crooner”. If you listen to my entire back-catalogue – which, if you’ve got a spare year you can do – including B-sides, there are only eight tracks that have got a violin in and five/six key songs over a twenty year period that has had an orchestra on. I thought [on Further] let’s try it and make it grand sounding.”

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In other news, Richard Hawley recently announced a full UK tour for the autumn, including his first Sheffield gig in three years. With the first date selling out in minutes, a second has been added for Saturday 12 October. You can buy your ticket here.

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