Richard Hawley to headline 3 Ring Circus

Pitsmoor-born crooner Richard Hawley returns to Sensoria’s 3 Ring Circus for the second year running.

Hawley will be joined by the founding member of 70s group Squeeze Chris Difford and Graham Fellows (aka John Shuttleworth / Jilted John) on 28 September.

For the unitiated, the 3 Ring Circus is an event which takes place across three separate venues in Sheffield. Each artist acts as opener in a different venue, plays a 40 minute stripped down set then jumps into a waiting car, speeding them to the next location. The catch for the audience is, the running order isn’t revealed until the artist steps onto the stage.

Speaking to Exposed last year, Hawley said of the chaos of the 3 Ring Circus: “You can’t help but have a buzz going. You’ve got no choice because there’s no time to think. Literally, you get in  the car, you arrive and you set up. The only time you’ve got to think or panic is the first gig that you do. That’s the last  soundcheck, if you like. I suppose this is explaining what it’s like backstage but, from an artist point of view, it’s utterly fucking terrifying.”

This year the 3 Ring Circus takes place at the Abbeydale Picture House, Upper Chapel and Trafalgar Warehouse on 28 September. Tickets start at £35.62.

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