Review: DMA’s at O2 Academy Sheffield

Words: Laura Mills 

Sydney’s finest, the DMA’s popped down to the O2 Academy this month and the performance was impeccable from start to finish.

As the lights lowered, dramatic sounds blared from the speakers almost like the purge siren warning fans it’s time for a party! From this opener, DMA’s seamlessly transitioned into their first track of the show ‘Never Before’.

Hot on its heels was ‘The Glow’, and the crowd’s reaction throughout this track was an absolute scene to witness. Each fan singing every word back to the band they adore, the approach and set up from the band felt simple but so fitting for the type of band the DMA’s are, three lads with their instruments making indie classics. The frontman thought it best he let the crowd take the chorus and he watched in awe as they sung each line.


Photography by Sahar Ghadirian

One special moment in the show was when the band played ‘Delete’ from their first album. A song so instrumentally simple, but with beautiful, heartfelt lyrics. DMA’s performed this song with utter grace throughout and emotions within the crowd were high as everyone used the torches on their phones to set the scene as they belted out each word.

Also from their first album, the track ‘Lay Down’ was given a very warm welcome by the Sheffield crowd. Mosh pits formed, fans covered in beer and sweat making the most of every second of DMA’s set, likewise the band playing their hearts out to their adoring crowd. They may be miles from home, but they looked extremely comfortable and acclimatised on the O2 Stage.

DMA’s closed their Sheffield set with the brilliant ‘Feels Like 37’, a track which can only be described as amazing. Powerful vocals, the instrumental so obviously rock entwined with a subtle melody.

I can’t think of one moment in the show where the lads let it slip even for a second, DMA’s are a band who are not just exciting but unstoppable too!

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