Reverend and the Makers and Thornbridge to release collaborative ale

With the advent of their forthcoming Best Of album, Reverend and the Makers have re-joined forces with the Thornbridge Brewery to re-release their classic Summer Ale.

Ed Cosen, lead guitarist and co-founder of the band, originally allied with the brewery to produce the drink back in 2013. This year, they have got back with Thornbridge and together have released the ale in casks (as of now!), with a bottle that is soon to come.

For those of you not in the know, the Reverend and the Makers Summer Ale is 4.8% pale ale, with a golden colour and a light palate. It is easy and refreshing with a floral finish that has been a fan favourite for the last five years.

Speaking to Exposed about the ale, Ed Cosen said: “The original Summer Ale still sticks out in mine and many people’s minds. I regularly get asked about it when talking to people about beer and I’m made up to have the chance to brew it again.”

Following the initial success of the Summer Ale, Reverend and the Makers helped produce a further three ales for Thornbridge, including American Brown Ale, Bang Saray and Mirrors.

Simon Webster, co-founder of the Thornbridge Brewery, said: “The first time we worked with Reverend and the Makers we made such an incredible beer and we’ve had such a great relationship brewing so many beers with the band over the years. When Ed approached me about re-releasing the original brew to tie in with the Best Of album, I was delighted and I can’t wait to see it out there.”

Seek out your nearest Thornbridge boozer for a sup!

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