Real Junk Food Project launches Food Works, Not Food Waste project

The Real Junk Food Project has launched a crowdfunding campaign to build Food Works – Sheffield’s first sustainable food hub.

The campaign was launched today (20 November) with the aim of raising £50k to go towards securing a long-term warehouse lease, to invest in commercial refrigeration units and onsite kitchen facilities which will transform food waste into food for everyone.

Project founder and director Jo Hercberg said: “Building Food Works will transform the amount of perfectly good food going into bellies, not bins in Sheffield. We’ve already saved 319 tonnes in just three years and created 100,000s of meals with it but this is only 0.1% of food wasted in Sheffield. We need to do so much more to stop this.

“By supporting Food Works you will help us increase that 0.1% by having a stable base to operate from and we’d expand our work to include farms, producers and wholesalers. We’d then be able to begin preserving, storing, cooking and feeding people with food the second it gets to the warehouse. On top of this we’d increase our education programs to include workshops for all ages and get even more people in Sheffield engaged and involved. From volunteering to training to eating there really is something everybody can do to help.”

Real Junk Food Project is offering rewards for donations, ranging from a simple Tweet of thanks with a £5 donation to a £10,000 corporate package. The crowdfunder has almost reached £3k at the time of writing, you can donate by visiting the Food Works page here.

The deadline for the project is Christmas Eve at 4:41pm.

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