Question Time is coming to Sheffield – a day before Brexit

With the UK set to leave the EU on 29 March – or not – the BBC is offering you the chance to get involved in the debate as Question Time comes to Sheffield on 28 March. 

If we’re honest, we haven’t a clue what’s going on – or what’s going to happen with Brexit on 29 March. Is it a no deal? A second referendum? An extension of Article 50? Honestly.

Before we go off on a tangent and get REYT ANGRY about the ineptitude of the current government, let’s just give you the facts, shall we? For those who want to be in the audience for the show, the BBC is asking you to fill out this form and submit two questions that may or may not be put forward to a panel of politicians and special guests, hosted by presenter Fiona Bruce.

The BBC also recommends not applying if you’ve already been on the show. “It’s important that as many applicants as possible get the chance to be part of a Question Time audience. If you have been in a QT audience within the past ten years we are delighted that you want to do it all over again, but please give others a chance and don’t apply this time round. If you have applied before but not been successful, we welcome your application.”

For more information, head to the website. Images courtesy of the BBC

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