Popular vegan kebab stall finds permanent home in Kelham

Following a string of pop-ups in Sheffield, vegan kebab stall Doner Summer have finally confirmed their first Sheffield restaurant is set to open in 92 Burton Road warehouse, which houses Peddler.

They become the latest independent business to take up residency in the in the warehouse’s courtyard, joining Factory Floor, Leaf and Shoot, Depot Bakery and the Kelham Arcade.

If you’ve had the pleasure of trying them at past Peddler, or elsewhere in the city, you’ll already know that you don’t need to be vegan to enjoy their cruelty-free kebabs, and their success across their six permanent sites, including restaurants in Leeds and York, comes as no surprise.

A Doner Summer kebab

Announcing the move, they said: “For those of you that don’t know this address, it holds a very special place in our hearts. It’s the home of Peddler Market, the famous street food market that took a punt on a start-up vegan kebab stall (us).

“Fast forward two years, and we can proudly say we’re going to be neighbours.”

The restaurant will feature the full Doner Summer menu, so the uninitiated can expect loaded kebabs, fried ‘chicken’ and pimped up fries, as well as full cocktail menu.

If all goes to plan, they have suggested an opening date towards the end of August. Kebabs and cocktails – we cannot wait!

For more info, head over to their Facebook page here.

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