Popular Sheffield burger joint opens second location

City-centre burger slingers Unit have opened their second Sheffield restaurant, becoming the only independent in Valley Centertainment. To celebrate the opening, owners have announced plans for a ‘grand opening’ on Friday 13th October, where every customer will get a free salted caramel sundae.

The new restaurant is double the size of their Headford Street location, but owners have reassured local burger lovers that the new site will retain the same vibe, branding and menu as their eye-catching city-centre site.

Known for their banging burgers, smoking sides and loadsa veggie, vegan and gluten free options, Unit has been a must-visit since founders, Mohamed Abdulrub and Nabeil Asker, known as Mo and Nabz, opened the restaurant back in 2017.

Unit burger joint

For the new site, they have enlisted the help and investment of two more friends Salim Algunaidi and Akram Ahmed who they have known since childhood.

Akram and Salim, who come from a corporate background, have both handed in their notice to head up the new Centertainment site.

Salim told Exposed: “We’ve put our all into this project. It’s a big step for us. My background is in operational management, banking mainly, but I’ve dealt with a lot of management roles throughout. Akram is a finance director and he’s got a vast amount of experience.

Unit burger joint

“It’s just a really good combination. We’ve been talking about it for some time, and thinking of ideas, and it just felt like the right time.

“Growing up, we went to the same school and lived in the same neighbourhood as Mo and Nabz. We all have similar interests and aspirations and we’re really passionate about food.

“I’m really excited about it because now we’re actually doing it, it feels real.”

Unit burger joint

Since opening more than six-years ago, Unit has managed to traverse the uncertainty of a pandemic, the cost of living crisis and rising energy bills to arrive at a position where they feel ready to expand and Salim says that this is testament to the strong brand and sheer hard work that Mo and Nabz have put in.

“We’re in a good position after six years.” Says Salim, “They (Mo and Nabz) have been tested over the years, and I think the real test has been bouncing back from the pandemic. The product and the team behind it really saw them through a difficult time.

“Over the years, we’ve been able to tweak and improve certain items. Everything that you see on the menu now, whether it’s the taste or the way it looks, has been perfected based on feedback and that will all be going into the new site.

Unit burger joint

“It’s 140-seater venue, so it’s a little bigger than Unit 1, but that’s given us the space to be creative and let our minds run wild a bit. Everywhere you look there’s some new to see.

“The branding will obviously remain the same at the new venue, because that’s one of the things that sets us apart, and we’re continue to work with local, Sheffield businesses and creators, right down to the businesses that have fitted out the new site.

“That’s really important to us. Our customers, who spend their hard-earned cash, are from Sheffield, so we want to be able to put money back into Sheffield.”

Unit burger joint

The team are incredibly proud to be the only Sheffield independent in the entertainment centre near Meadowhall. Salim said: “Being the only independent, we’re the little fish in the big pond, but that’s what we’re really excited about because we really believe in the product. Our passion shines through and it hopefully proves to others that there is room for everyone.

“I’m a little bit nervous, but I’m also really excited because it’s something we’ve been working hard on for so long and to see it through is amazing. Every hurdle that’s come our way, we’ve worked really hard, and got past and now it’s going to be a reality!”

Unit 2 is open now. For further details go give them a nudge on socials here

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