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Plunge Theatre are bringing a pair of new shows to the Moor’s Theatre Deli this July.

The first, Private View, is a dark comedy from the perspective of three twenty-something friends attempting to beat their personal demons and find their true selves, exploring the “addictive and futile pursuit for perfection”. Private View promises to discover what it means to be a woman in 2015.

The second production, Cake Shop is something altogether different, promising an immersive cake-tasting experience, running between 11am and 6pm for two days.

Plunge Theatre, comprising Izabella Malewska, Tutku Barbaros and Lilly Pollard, is fresh from the Edinburgh Festival and London’s Courtyard theatre. Exploring feminist themes, their productions have gained a reputation for irreverence.

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Theatre Delicatessen is based on the site of the old Woolworths on the Moor. Along with the large ground floor shopfront, it includes a large basement and derelict second floor, well-suited for immersive theatre. It has played host to a variety of large and small productions since it opened last year.

The Theatre Delicatessen group has one other branch, on Farringdon Road, London. They aim to attract new audiences to alternative theatre, supporting the local and artistic communities by making use of otherwise vacant buildings.

Private View will show on the evenings of the 1-4th of July, and Cake Shop will show on the 2-3rd of July. Tickets are available through the Theatre Deli website.


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